Entertainment in Real Life

Making everyday more enjoyable and wonderful through entertainment

What if we can make someone's ordinary tomorrow more exciting and thrilling by providing our entertainment.
What if our entertainment can create an opportunity for someone to step forward.

Since the day we were founded in a tiny apartment, this has been our motto and it kept us moving forward.

We will create a world full of hope and vitality by making ordinary life wonderful with our entertainment.


Delivering "New Experiences" with the latest technology and creative ideas

We have been continuously delivering "New Experiences" using the latest technologies and creative ideas.

The world's first location-based game "Colony Life" utilizing GPS, the first full-scaled quiz based RPG "Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz" for smart devices, and full-scaled action RPG "Shironeko Project" which can be played with a single finger are some examples.

We will continue to pursue "New Experience" with the latest technology and our creative ideas to make people's daily lives more enjoyable and wonderful.



We will continue to try achieving innovation using the latest technologies and creative ideas without fearing failure and making necessary changes.


We will create new entertainment and new values with our creative ideas. We will pursue customer's value and will not easily compromise to achieve it.


Many difficulties come with the creation of new experiences. We will face those difficulties properly and overcome them by believing in oneself and the team.