Management Policy

Based on our mission of , our vision is to deliver "New Experiences" with the latest technology and creative ideas.
"Entertainment in Real Life: Making everyday life more enjoyable and wonderful through entertainment" With the mission and vision,
we aim to increase long-term business stability and corporate sustainability through the entertainment business.

Growth Strategy

To achieve stable growth and our vision, we are promoting a portfolio strategy that distributes and optimally combines multiple services and resources in a diversified manner.
We are currently developing three portfolio strategies: content, regional, and device.

Content Portfolio Strategy

Rather than offering only a single hit title, we develop and operate multiple titles with different characteristics based on the gender and generation of our target user.
As a result, in our current main business, the game business, we have a model in the sales are accumulated for each release year in a multi-layered structure.

image:Content Portfolio

Regional Portfolio Strategy

After releasing the game in English-speaking countries in 2012, we have expanded our distribution area to include Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macau, and then China (the mainland), providing multiple titles overseas. Although they still account for only a small percentage of our company's sales, we are constantly working on new initiatives.

Device Portfolio Strategy

We provide services for a variety of devices including consumer, feature phones, smart phones and VR. We will continue to strive to detect devices and platforms with growth potential as quickly as possible and invest in them so that we can expand our business while reducing risk.