Message from the Founder

イメージ:Message from the Founder

No matter the difficulty, we want to be the company that can continuously create "The First" content.

COLOPL has continuously challenged ourselves to deliver new experiences in the past. In other words, we have been trying to create "The First" of its kind.

Some successful contents include "Colony Life", the world's first location-based game utilizing GPS, "Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz", the first full-scaled quiz based RPG, and "Shironeko Project", a full-scaled action RPG that can be played with a single finger. However, there are many contents that were created with the same goal in mind but never delivered to the public because we did not believe they were successful. The ones enjoyed by many users are only the handful of contents that we have created. And even with the handful of successful contents, we are yet to create "The First" world-changing content. Creating "The First" is extremely difficult. There always lie the suffering of creation.

When you just think of the probability of success for business, it would be normal to follow the successor's past instead of creating "The First". However, we have been who we are because we have always faced the suffering of creation and believed ourselves to be the one who creates "The First". I believe we can provide new experiences and new value to people by overcoming those suffering of creation.

I hope we can be the one who creates the new norm by challenging ourselves to think two, three, even five steps ahead in the future. We may not get the understanding and be totally out of the expectation. But I want to hold on to the strong mindset that we believe in and overcome. Without overcoming the ordinary value, we will not have the right to create "The First" world-changing contents.

I hope, no matter how difficult it may be, we will continue to be the one who creates "The First". No matter how long the time passes by or how large COLOPL becomes, I want all my employees to inherit and believe in becoming "The First" of content creation.

Naruatsu Baba
Chairman of the Board Chief Creator