Business Description

Entertainment Business

Smartphone Games

We offer many smartphone games of a wide variety both in Japan and abroad. Our core titles include Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz, released March 2013, Shironeko Project, released July 2014, and Alice Gear Aegis, released January 2018. We are also advancing proactively into overseas markets, such as with the release of NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- in around 170 countries.

Console Games

We are also focusing on console games planned and developed by MAGES., a comprehensive entertainment company that joined the Group in April 2020. In addition to original titles based on games including STEINS; GATE and other science adventure series and the Memories Off series, we are also working on games derived from anime, light novels, and comics.

XR and the metaverse

We offer XR and the metaverse services. We began distributing VR games in 2014 and launched 360Channel, a platform to distribute 360-degree videos, in May 2016. We are thoroughly engaged in this business in anticipation of a future where XR and the metaverse is popularized, including the rollout of our WEBmetaverse business, which enables users to casually enjoy metaverse content in their web browsers, in 2022.

blockchain game

COLOPL is engaged in a blockchain game business utilizing blockchain technology, crypto assets, and NFTs. Brilliantcrypto Inc., a COLOPL group company, aims to solve the problems facing blockchain games and create sustainable Play to Earn titles.
They have already devised a new concept called "Proof of Gaming," where playing games creates value for society, and are pursuing business in the global market.

Other (IP development & goods related, etc)

Development of COLOPL's Intellectual Property and Merchandise
We are focusing on the areas surrounding game operations with the goal of developing intellectual property in order to develop the intellectual property that will be loved by users for many years. Our main initiatives are 1) development of derived titles from our intellectual property, 2) expansion to console game content, PCs, and other platforms, 3) sales of original merchandise using new illustration, etc., 4) hosting events which is effective to strengthen user engagement, and 5) expansion to anime through terrestrial broadcasts and OVA distribution. We are also developing businesses besides games, including real-virtual collaboration services utilizing COLOCA.

Investment and Development Business

COLOPL NEXT, a Group company engaged in the investment business, currently operates multiple funds. We currently invest in a wide variety of companies, mainly entertainment and BtoC companies both in Japan and overseas during all stages of business, from founding to being near listing, based on the three key themes of Real x Virtual, New Normal and New Generation.