Message from CEO

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Continuously creating "The First" content.

Thank you for accessing the corporate website of COLOPL Inc.

Since the company was founded in 2008, we have consistently been working on content that delivers new experiences to users, we have been trying to create "The First" of its kind.

Some successful contents include "Colony Life", the world's first location-based game utilizing GPS,"Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz", the first full-scaled quiz based RPG, and "Shironeko Project", a full-scaled action RPG that can be played with a single finger, we embodied entertainment that was unheard of at the time, and have not only gained the support of many users, but have also grown significantly as a company.

Making the ordinary life more enjoyable and wonderful.

Our corporate mission is "Entertainment in Real Life" Making everyday life more enjoyable and wonderful through entertainment. The mission is to make life's ordinary days more enjoyable and wonderful by providing exciting and thrilling entertainment to people around the world.

In order to do so, we need to create not what is already in the world, but what is not yet in the world, and to deliver "New Experiences" to people. We will continue to deliver new experiences by development combining the latest technology and creative ideas. In other words, we will create "The First" of its kind.

Going forward, we will continue to forge ahead with a focus on entertainment in order to please all of our stakeholders and be a company that contributes to society.

Naruatsu Baba
President, CEO and COO