Message from CEO

image:Message from CEO

Thank you for accessing the corporate website of COLOPL, Inc.

COLOPL, Inc. started back in 2008 with the world's first location-based game called "Colony Life" which was developed by our founder Naruatsu Baba in a room of his small apartment. Since then, we have consistently been working to deliver content to move the hearts of many people in and outside of Japan, under our mission of "Entertainment in Real Life: Making everyday life more enjoyable and wonderful through entertainment".

On the other hand, the environment of the entertainment industry is rapidly changing due to our changes in lifestyle, technological innovations, and globalization.

Even in the current circumstances, we will continue to deliver content with the vision of "new experiences with the latest technology and creative ideas" to achieve further growth.

With the entertainment we produce, we want to create a world full of hope and vitality.
We strongly believe that this is our mission and what we should aim for.

Takashi Miyamoto
President and CEO