Corporate Identity

Origin of "COLOPL" Name

We started in 2003 as a private site with the game "Colony Life." When we incorporated in 2008, we based our company name on an abbreviation of our website name, Colony Lifeā˜†Plus, as a way to remember how we started.We want to pass on all the benefits of incorporation to our game users in as many ways as we can.

Corporate Logo

image:Corporate Logo

On July 31, 2011, in tandem with the name change and logo change of COLOPL, the platform specialized for location-based games, we changed the corporate identity.By drawing Kuma the Bear, COLOPL's corporate character, in the pin mark that shows location, we have indicated our aim to lead the market as a location game pioneer and to promote people's movement and revitalize regional areas.

Corporate Character

image:Corporate Character

COLOPL's corporate character is Kuma. Kuma first appeared in 2008 as an item in Colony Life. Based on the fact that Kuma was active in a variety of settings, we made Kuma the company character. Kuma's favorite foods are honey and salmon-shaped cookies.