Creating a Safe Working Environment

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COLOPL engages in various personnel measures to promote a healthy work-life balance, to create a workplace environment in which all employees can work with peace of mind.
We place a particular focus on developing our working environment to enable all of our employees to improve their productivity and play active roles, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our efforts include personnel development, developing work systems and offering comprehensive employee welfare and benefits in line with current needs.

Personnel development

Group-wide e-learning

We conduct e-learning training for all employees to increase their knowledge and raise their awareness of compliance, harassment, information security, and health-related issues.

Online training

To prevent the loss of opportunities for learning and growth during the pandemic, all training programs (including those for new graduate hires and management personnel) are being held online. In training for new graduate hires, we have developed a curriculum and instruction system that seeks to help employees to firmly acquire knowledge and skills, including training on business manners, team building training, and game development training where employees hone specific skills for their jobs.
In training for managers, we seek to increase the abilities of management personnel through group work and simulated experiences such as role playing.

One-on-one meetings

We hold fortnightly one-on-one meetings to enable supervisors and subordinates to communicate on a face-to-face, one-on-one basis. These meetings are used mainly as an opportunity for sharing the progress of tasks, holding consultations, discussing what employees want to achieve in their future career, building a trusting relationship, and stimulating the growth of both participants.

System to support participation in conferences

We actively encourage participation in academic societies such as CEDEC and Unity.

In-house workshop

We regularly hold study sessions for employees to improve their technical abilities. At workshops, employees efficiently share what they have learned about their respective roles, deepen their knowledge by discussing various challenges, and work constantly to improve their skills. In addition to within the company, we also hold workshops with other companies in the same industry to enable employees to interact with other people, primarily from the game industry as well as various other industries.

Support for book purchases

Our library currently holds over 3,000 books, including technical and business books, magazines, manga, and various specialized books. We also provide support for purchasing books at the company's expense, enabling employees to acquire a wide range of knowledge. In-house tools also facilitate online borrowing and returns, so that employees can make use of the library even when working from home.

TRY meetings

TRY meetings are a system in which volunteer employees support the collection, refinement, and implementation of ideas from other employees for creating new businesses. Proposals examined at TRY meetings can ultimately be submitted to the Management Council.

Main Work Systems

Flextime system

COLOPL has introduced a flextime system that allows employees to choose freely when they come to and leave the office according to their lifestyles. We have introduced a flexible work style system which is currently in operation, allowing employees to make flexible decisions as to whether to come to the office or stay at home depending on the situation within each division. This enables an immediate response to the current state of COVID-19 infections (such as in the case of a declaration of a state of emergency, which may occur again in the future).

Prohibition of late-night overtime work (after 22:00) as a general rule

We are working to reduce overtime hours, and overtime work after 22:00 is prohibited as a general rule. Although exceptions can be made if employees submit an application before working overtime, for example, if there is a sudden problem with the operation of a game which must be dealt with on the same day. Essentially, though, there is no one at the office after 22:00.


Employees who work from home receive a monthly stipend of 10,000 yen to subsidize utilities and communication expenses (e.g., electricity, heating, and internet connection expenses).

Systems Relating to Childcare and Family

Maternity leave and childcare leave

Employees can take maternity leave and childcare leave regardless of their employment type. Childcare leave can be extended, if certain conditions are met, when an employee wishes to enroll their child in a nursery school but there is currently no place available to do so, or when an employee's spouse (or other person who was planning to take care of the employee's child) becomes unable to do so for some reason.
Compared to the rate of taking childcare leave announced in the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)'s Basic Survey of Gender Equality in Employment Management in FY2021 (85% for women, 14% for men), at COLOPL we have created an environment in which it is easy for both male and female employees to take childcare leave--with high leave-taking rates of 100% for female employees and 68% for male employees.

  • *Percentage of employees who took childcare leave after giving birth (or whose spouse gave birth) during the period January-September 2021

Congratulatory Bonuses (money / special leave for auspicious events)

The company provides congratulatory bonuses (money / congratulatory leave) to celebrate the marriage and childbirth of employees (including their spouses).

Family Day

Family day is a family event where the families of employees are invited to visit the office. In addition to showing their families their work environment, the event also encourages communication between employees through their families, such as by playing original games and taking commemorative photos.

  • *Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this event is currently on hold.

Days off to care for a sick child

This system allows employees with children up to the end of the third grade of elementary school to take an additional five days of paid leave per year, even if they have used up their standard paid leave. It can be used for nursing a sick child when hospital outpatient care is required (taking a sick child to hospital, etc.)

Partnership with nursery schools

Based on our desire for employees to continue working with peace of mind even if their life stages change, and to support a healthy balance between work and family life, we have partnered with Nichii Kids Nursery School (corporate partnership). Through this partnership, we support employees who wish to return to work after maternity or childcare leave but have not yet been able to find a place for their child at nursery school.

Mom and Dad notebooks

These original notebooks summarize the official and internal procedures necessary for maternity and childcare, and schemes that can be utilized until returning to work. They also contain accounts of personal experiences by employees who have taken maternity leave and childcare leave, in order to help alleviate anxiety about taking maternity leave.

Short-term and extended nursing care leave

If an eligible family member (spouses, parents, children and spouse's parents, grandparents, siblings, and grandchildren) requires constant nursing care for a period of two weeks or more, employees can take leave for a certain period.
Employees can also take short-term nursing care leave when an eligible family member requires nursing care, or to be accompanied to hospital, etc. If there is one eligible family member, an employee may take up to five days of nursing care leave per year. For two or more family members, up to ten days can be taken per year.

Main Benefits

Online lunch party support system

We have established a system to partially pay for lunch meetings conducted online, for the purpose of stimulating internal communication.

Kuma SPA

We have a massage room called Kuma SPA, staffed by health keepers (nationally qualified in-house physiotherapists). Any employee can enjoy a free massage during working hours. (Up to once a week)

Club activities system

We support club activities (partial club expenses) to facilitate the formation of not only work connections but also a wide range of interactions outside of work. Employees can engage in around 30 types of club activities, including athletic and cultural activities.

  • *Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, thorough measures to prevent infections are in place for each activity.

Mugen Banana (Infinite Bananas)

The Mugen Banana (Infinite Banana) service allows employees to eat bananas freely at any time when they come to office, through the installation of an all-you-can-eat banana corner. This scheme was introduced to help balance employee health considerations with infection control measures. By providing nutrient-rich bananas, we aim to improve the health of our employees.

Special inflation support allowance

In response to the impact of the ongoing global rise in prices and the depreciation of the yen, we have introduced a special inflation support allowance that provides a fixed monthly allowance of 10,000 yen across the board, to support the lives of employees.
Payment period: January through December 2023 (12 months)

Health-related benefits

Regular health check subsidies

Annual regular health checkups (health insurance specified checkups for those aged 35 and over, and complete medical checkups for those aged 40 and over) can be taken during working hours. Female employees can also add extra gynecological examination options at the company's expense.
We are also seeking to reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases by subsidizing the cost of secondary (follow-up) examinations for employees who have been identified as requiring re-examination or detailed follow-up examinations for (high) blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and blood lipids in health checkups, and enabling them to undergo these medical examinations during working hours.

Influenza vaccination subsidy system

To help prevent the spread of seasonal influenza, we subsidize the cost of influenza vaccinations.

COVID-19 vaccination leave

We have introduced a COVID-19 vaccination leave system, with the aim of ensuring that employees can be vaccinated with peace of mind. In order to alleviate congestion at vaccination venues, we recommend vaccination on weekdays, and this time is treated as working hours. When it is difficult for employees to work due to adverse reactions after receiving a vaccination, we grant up to two days of COVID-19 vaccination leave (one day per vaccination shot).