Promoting Health Management

image:Kenta Sugai, Director and CHRO
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Providing high-quality entertainment sustainably

COLOPL works every day to create new forms of entertainment that deliver entirely new experiences, in line with its mission of "Entertainment in Real Life - Making everyday life more enjoyable and wonderful through entertainment."

In order to continuously create and deliver high quality entertainment to be enjoyed by a wide range of people, it is essential for our employees to be mentally and physically healthy, and for the Company to work actively so that they can sustain their good performance.

As Chief Health & Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of COLOPL, I pledge to work with the Health Promotion Team to implement various measures such as enhancing internal systems and optimizing the working environment for further health and productivity management.

Kenta Sugai, Director and CHRO

Role of the Health & Productivity Management Team

The Human Resources (HR) Division, which is supervised by Chief Health & Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Kenta Sugai, has a Health & Productivity Management Team that works actively to support the health of employees. This special team was established to ensure that creators who "love entertainment and want to create new experiences that many people can enjoy" can play active roles in the long term. We employ full-time experts with specialty knowledge and skills related to health management (nurses, certified psychologists, licensed masseurs, etc.) and engage in various measures to manage and improve health while cooperating with part-time industrial physicians, health insurance societies, and health and safety committees.

The Health Promotion Team reports regularly to management on issues related to improving employee health and performance, as well as the state of implementation and results of various measures, and strives to improve health management. In addition, by disclosing details of specific measures and health-related data to the outside, the team communicates the necessity of good health to wider society.

image:Role of the Health & Productivity Management Team

Three policies for promoting health and productivity management

To promote health management, we offer all employees measures to support their mental and physical health. Based on medical examination results, instead of aiming for temporary improvements to problematic figures, we work to improve employees' health literacy.

image:Three policies for promoting health and productivity management

1.Health for long-term and continuous active involvement

In order to continuously create and deliver entertainment that can be enjoyed by many users in long term, it is essential for our employees to be mentally and physically healthy, and it is important for each employee to take care of their daily actions and behavior. In view of this, COLOPL is taking its health initiatives one step further, such as by operating an internal health management support website and implementing projects to provide lifestyle improvement support to employees at risk of lifestyle-related diseases, led by nurses and other health personnel.
COLOPL's operations--including game development--are mainly desk based work, so there is a tendency toward lack of exercise. The Health Management Team takes the lead in providing opportunities for regular exercise, such as setting up radio exercise sessions, in which employees can participate voluntarily, and holding walking events for the entire company.

2.Health to maintain high performance

In order to create new forms of entertainment that surprise society, it is important to improve the performance of each employee, and it is necessary for individual employees to continue working voluntarily to build a healthy body.
At COLOPL, we believe that high performance can only be maintained with a professional attitude and management of one's physical condition. We promote and maintain the health of our employees and improve productivity by sharing points for health promotion, shared by para-athletes registered with COLOPL, and having resident health keepers provide free treatment during working hours.

3.Working environment necessary to achieve high performance in the long term

COLOPL's offices are designed to facilitate creative thinking, while at the same time providing a well-equipped space for refreshment. By making a clear distinction between work and relaxation time, we make it easier for employees to focus on their work.
Overtime work after 22:00 is also prohibited as a general rule, in order to help maintain physical and mental health by securing sufficient private time.

Initiatives for the prevention of infectious diseases

In order to sustainably balance measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and influenza infections with business, we have created an environment where employees can work with peace of mind, implementing a variety of preventive measures according to the actual situation.

Working from home

COLOPL introduced working from home at an early stage, and has now introduced flexible working styles, allowing employees to make flexible decisions as to whether to come to the office or stay at home depending on the situation within each division. This enables an immediate response to the current state of COVID-19 infections (such as in the case of a declaration of a state of emergency, which may occur again in the future).

Workplace vaccinations

With the goal of quickly ending the COVID-19 pandemic, COLOPL has offered vaccinations to interested Group employees and their families and employees at client companies and portfolio companies.
We have introduced a program offering time off for (and following) COVID-19 vaccinations, creating an environment that facilitates vaccinations for those who wish to receive them. Influenza vaccinations are also provided at partner clinics. We are working to improve the vaccination rate by subsidizing costs (through the company and health insurance society) and enabling employees to undergo vaccinations during business hours.

image:Workplace vaccinations
image:Workplace vaccinations

Office specialized toward infectious disease control

At our new office, we are taking various measures based on scientific evidence to combat contact, droplet, and airborne infections--the main conceivable infection routes--with the aiming of creating an office environment that enables easy communication while working with peace of mind, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We have implemented rigorous measures against infectious diseases, under the supervision of experts. In addition to basic measures such as placing hand sanitizer in necessary locations around the office and installing partitions, these measures also include reinforcing and enhancing our air conditioning equipment, adopting linoleum--a natural antiviral material--for flooring and fixtures, and introducing Panasonic's Airy Solution to create a clean and comfortable breathing environment.


Contact-less automatic alcohol hand sanitizer dispensers installed in front of each meeting room


Approximately 40 private booths for web conferences, etc.


WOSH water-recycling, portable hand-washing stands


Air duct reinforcement work to ensure ventilation volume and strengthen humidity control functionality


Flooring and fixtures made from natural antiviral linoleum


Panasonic's Airy Solution to create a clean and comfortable breathing environment