Fostering the Next Generation

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As an entertainment company, we are always working to nurture and support the next generation of creators who will play key roles in the future. We actively support young human resources who will play active roles in the next generation by accepting workplace visits and internships to support students' career development, holding study workshops for engineers, and supporting the activities of talented creators through the Kuma Foundation.

Kuma Foundation

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Our founder, Naruatsu Baba, established the Kuma Foundation in September 2016, with the aim of supporting and subsidizing the activities of young creators who will play key roles in the next generation. Through the Creator Scholarship Program, which supports the creative efforts of student creators, the foundation has supported a total of 339 creators to date. In order to continuously provide opportunities to connect with society, the foundation is also supporting the creative activities and growth of young creators through the newly opened Kuma Foundation Gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo, as a place to present their works.

Creator Scholarships / Activity Support Grants

In addition to benefit-type scholarships that do not require repayment, the Creator Scholarship Program for student creators aged 25 or younger also supports development and creative activities for one year through the implementation of a curriculum. The Activity Support Grant Program for scholarship graduates supports young creators who continue to work energetically, providing a system that allows them to continue to engage in their creative activities.

image:Kuma Foundation Gallery

Engineer study workshops

We hold online study sessions for engineers as an opportunity to communicate high-level technical capabilities utilizing the latest technologies. By communicating information on improving the efficiency of game development and solving technical issues, we contribute to the improvement of engineers' technical capabilities and the development of the industry as a whole.


COLOPL accepts student internships. Through these internships, students can enter the actual development workplace and be involved in game production as part of a team.