Promoting Diversity

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Based on our belief that diversity of human resources is necessary for sustainable growth and the provision of high-quality entertainment, we are continuously working to create a workplace environment where every person can play an active role, to the very fullest of their abilities, regardless of nationality, gender, age, or disabilities.

Employment of people with disabilities

Game creators, health keepers who relieve other employees of fatigue from seated work, paraathletes who are active on the world stage, back-office members and other employees who have joined the company under the employment quota for people with disabilities all play active roles in various fields, utilizing their respective skills and experience.

Para athlete support

image:COLOPL Athletes

COLOPL is actively recruiting athletes. We provide an environment where athletes can focus on competing with peace of mind, without restrictions on locations for their activities, and support athletes who are active on the world stage.
We participate actively in para-sports experience events and lectures by athletes, and are also engaged in activities to enlighten and deepen understanding and increase the appeal of para-sports through interaction with many people.


We promote understanding and appropriate treatment of employees so that members of the LGBTQ community and other sexual minorities can work with peace of mind. At our new office, private toilets that can be used by anyone (including both men and women) have been installed on each floor, and a consultation desk has been set up to provide support from industrial doctors to create a working environment that is comfortable for everyone.

Promotion of female participation and advancement

We are engaged in efforts for medium-to-long-term career development for female employees, such as establishing various systems and consultation desks to support a working environment where women can balance their work with childcare and nursing care commitments. In addition to our leave system, we are also working to reduce the burden of childcare and create an environment where employees can continue to work with peace of mind, by providing a system that allows employees to choose their work styles according to their diverse lifestyles, and forming partnerships with nursery schools.