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Return to Shareholders

Dividend Policy

The Company considers returning profits to shareholders is an important management policy. The basic policy is to continuously pay stable dividends while giving comprehensive consideration to factors such as future business development and changes in the business environment.

Change in Dividends

Fiscal year Dividend per share (yen) Payout ratio (%)
Year ended Sept. 30, 2019 17 yen 202.6
Year ended Sept. 30, 2018 17 yen 51.4
Year ended Sept. 30, 2017 21 yen 30.3
Year ended Sept. 30, 2016 17 yen 10.2
Year ended Sept. 30, 2015 16 yen 10.1
Year ended Sept. 30, 2014 10 yen (commemorative dividend of 10 yen) 9.3

Treasury Stock Purchases

Purchase period Purchase method Total number of shares purchased Total purchase amount
Feb. 2, 2015 to March 13, 2015 Market purchase on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1,912,700 shares 4,999,932,300 yen

Shareholder Returns by Fiscal Year


株主還元年度別実績 図

*The dividend forecast for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2015 is calculated based on the number of shares (excluding treasury stock) as of June 30, 2015.
*Total payout ratio, an indicator of the extent of a company's shareholder returns, is dividends and treasury stock purchases divided by net income.

Historical Stock Splits

Execution date Split ratio Total number of shares after stock split
(per 100 shares held at IPO)
October 1, 2013 1:3 1,500 shares
June 1, 2013 1:5 500 shares

Shareholder Special Benefits

In the interest of shareholder equality, the Company does not provide special shareholder special benefits at this time. Most shareholder special benefits are products and services that can be used only in Japan. Foreign shareholders hold a considerable percentage of the Company's shares, and it would be difficult for these shareholders to use special benefits. Although the idea of introducing a shareholder special benefits program that offers game items is frequently suggested, these too would be difficult to use for shareholders other than game users, especially foreign institutional investors. For this reason, the Company has no plan to introduce special shareholder benefits at this time.