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Questions frequently asked by shareholders and investors are summarized in a FAQ.
Sometimes you can solve your questions quickly, so please take advantage of them.

Request and Caution for Inquiries

Inquiries from our shareholders and investors are limited to contact form. Enter the necessary information in the following contact form and press the "Send" button.

  • We do not accept any inquiries, sales or news gathering, etc. related to games or services at the IR counter.
    For these inquiries, please contact us via >> "Contact Information"
  • Although we are trying to respond promptly, it may take some time to respond depending on the content.
  • Depending on the content of your inquiry, we may not be able to answer your inquiry. Please be advised that any questions below will not be answered by the IR.
    • Questions about non-public information (release date of new apps, performance trends, etc.)
    • Questions that may fall under the category of "material facts" as set forth in Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (returns to shareholders, stock prices measures, etc.)
    • Questions about price movements in the stock market (stock price trends, trading method, etc.)
    • Messages classified as slander (unfounded evils, defamation words, etc.)
    • Questions about individual service and game (in-game events, how to play games, etc.)
    • Inquiries of sales and solicitation
  • Form sent as a response from us is sent to individuals in order to respond to inquiries from shareholders and investors. Reprinting or secondary use of any part or all of them is prohibited.
  • Since we refrain from responding to questions and inquiries during the silence period, we are afraid to inform you that we are unable to respond to any inquiries received during that period.
    • The silent period will be announced in the >> IR Calendar each time.
  • Please contact us again using the form below, if you also inquire about the mail we responded.
  • We will strictly handle the personal information that you have entered into the contact form. Please confirm our >> Privacy Policy regarding the handling of personal information.

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