To all shareholders and Investors

image:To all shareholders and Investors

Let me start by saying I am deeply honored and humbled to become COLOPL's CEO.
I, Takashi Miyamoto, have been appointed as new CEO of COLOPL, Inc., effective 17th of December, 2021. I appreciate your enormous support and understanding to COLOPL Group.

Mobile market is in a rapidly changing environment than ever before with numerous technological innovations and diverse user preferences as well as many domestic and foreign companies entering the industry. Under the current situation, we, as COLOPL Group, decided to take a step forward to build a new company structure where Naruatsu Baba, the founder, focusing on developing new games and creating new business opportunities and I, Takashi Miyamoto, focusing on the group management to respond to the current market as promptly as possible.

COLOPL was founded in 2008 to further grow "Colony Life", the world's first location-based game, and to build an organization where new and enjoyable services could be provided constantly to our users. With generous support of our stakeholders, we have continuously been able to grow by delivering new entertainment using unique ideas and the latest technologies even in the rapidly changing mobile game industry.

To pursue and achieve our mission, "Entertainment in Real Life: Making everyday life more enjoyable and wonderful through entertainment", our two key businesses are Entertainment Business and Investment Business. Entertainment Business being the development and publishing of games for smart devices and consoles, and Investment Business being the fund management and investments to domestic and international startups and publicly listed companies.

I, and COLOPL Group as a whole, will continue to move forward to make our mission a reality. Thank you in advance for your continuous support and understanding.

Takashi Miyamoto
President and CEO