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コロプラは挑戦の手を緩めず常に「その先」を目指して進み続け、さらなる成長へ邁進します。代表取締役社長 馬場功淳

COLOPL will continue to embrace new challenges, always looking forward, and forge ahead to further growth.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our shareholders and investors for their support.

COLOPL, founded in October 2008, had its beginnings in the development of the location-based game "Colony Life". COLOPL has subsequently created new opportunities for "venturing outside" and new value that energizes local communities and all of Japan through unique initiatives, such as engaging in O2O*1 business in partnership with real-world businesses with location-based games as the linchpin and providing COLOPL, the world's first platform specifically for location-based games.

In September 2011, the dawn of the smartphone era, we foresaw that smartphones would become prevalent and made the bold move of allocating all new development resources to smartphone applications. During the six years, we have developed and provided a large number of smartphone app titles. In so doing, we have acquired expertise such as the technological competence to meet user needs, operating capabilities that enable people to play apps for long periods of time, and a marketing approach to expand the user base, and I believe that we have established competitive advantage unique to COLOPL. From the 2012 releases of "Treasure Detective" and "Pro Baseball PRIDE" to the successive releases of new games in each one of the following years, the evolution of the Company's mobile games has continued steadily. In the year ended September 30, 2017, our mainstay applications that we have been operating for many years, such as "White Cat Project" and "Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz," remained strong while we released new applications, "PaniPani-Parallelnix Pandoranight-" and "Disney TsumTsum Land." As a result, we posted sales of 52.2 billion yen and operating profit of 12.9 billion yen in the year ended September 30, 2017.

Game development is expected to become increasingly difficult because of factors such as further terminal performance enhancements and the high level of quality demanded by users. However, COLOPL will remain tightly focused on providing new titles by leveraging the experience and expertise in smartphone game development and operation we have cultivated heretofore. In addition, we are also planning to offer new content for the VR (Virtual Reality) Service, which we began to provide in 2014 as one of our strategies for the future. We are planning to continually offer unprecedented new content for the service, such as game applications developed exclusively for VR and 360 degrees movies. We will also enter new platforms that we have never worked on before.

I ask your continued understanding and support in the years ahead.

*1 O2O: Abreviation of Online-to-Offline, a strategy for drawing customers from the Internet to physical stores

December 2017
Naruatsu Baba
President and CEO