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Download the app here!


Experience the thrill of real golf with a cast of colorful characters!

Characters from the widely-popular Japanese mobile RPG "Shironeko Project" take to the green as pro golfers! This game offers an exciting new interface that allows players to enjoy golf with fascinating characters and revolutionary graphics.

Hone your skills and challenge the world's strongest players, or take it easy and enjoy a relaxing round while chatting with friends! Tee-off with players from all over the world in your own unique style!


A realistic golf game with a unique interface!!

Swing Mechanics

Slide & flick

Slide to determine swing strength and distance, then flick while aiming for the center of the target. Concentration is key to get the perfect shot!


There are six different types of golf clubs, each with its own unique characteristics. Customize your club set to fit your strategy.

Seven brands of golf set series offer distinctive varieties of each club.
For example, the futuristic cyber-styled "LASER Series" golf set offers clubs that specialize in accuracy and allow the user to hit precise fade shots.
Each series has its own unique characteristics.

Featuring an exciting cast of colorful characters!

Unique characters

Japanese anime characters

Featuring 3D Japanese anime characters!
Each character has their own special clubs! Choosing the right one will be the key to success.


You can customize character skins, accessories, and more! Get new golf gear and accessories from the Gacha. Customize to your heart's content!

Global Version Now Available!! Climb the Rankings to Be the Best!!

PvP match feature

Free Match

In Free Match, you can play on your favorite course with your friends!

Golf Tour

In Golf Tour, you can get randomly matched against other players. If you win, you'll accumulate "Tour Points" to increase your rank. There are a total of eight ranks.

Choose from two play modes in Golf Tour; "Casual Mode" and "Battle Mode". "Casual Mode" is perfect for players who want to enjoy a casual game of golf without worrying about who wins. "Battle Mode" is for players who want to compete against their opponent for the best score.


Players who achieve top rankings in Golf Tour will be invited to compete in the "OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS"! Top-ranked players from the "OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS" will then be able to participate in the "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS", to be held once a year.


Hero Golfer

VA: Yuki Kaji

The footage above is only available in Japanese.

I never knew golf could be so fun!

A young novice golfer who is cheerful, honest, and positive.
He learns about golf from the various people he encounters.


VA: Maaya Uchida

The footage above is only available in Japanese.

C'mon, let's go already!

Known as the "Child of Light and Flame", Charlotte is a dazzling girl who brightens the turf with her brilliant golf performance. She's a super popular golfer who energizes the audience with her radiant smile.


VA: Yuichiro Umehara

The footage above is only available in Japanese.

My legend begins here!

An ambitious boy who aims to be a legendary golfer. He creates a legacy of his own by unleashing his unbridled power on the golf course.


VA: Ai Kayano

The footage above is only available in Japanese.

You can't be afraid to fail!

A talented go-getter who is always polishing her skills. Though she's known as the "Golfer of the Moonless Dawn," she is a hard worker who is earnest and caring. She is a popular player who is gentle and caring towards others.


VA: Noriaki Sugiyama

The footage above is only available in Japanese.

The golf course is my canvas.

A sensitive and delicate artist who brings his creative eye to the course. Finding inspiration wherever he goes, he sees golf as a chance to create a new masterpiece.


VA: Atsumi Tanezaki

The footage above is only available in Japanese.

Onward to victory!

An angel who brings smiles to the audience with her divine performance. Marl is a positive and optimistic girl who wants to make everyone happy through golf! She hopes to bring joy to her fellow golfers through her playing.