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Management Policy

Management Policy

Important management issues for the Company

Important management issues facing the COLOPL Group are as described below.

(1) Enhancement of corporate brand value

To accomplish our business vision, we consider it is essential to continue to provide services supported by users and to become a company with large numbers of loyal users. The COLOPL Group will endeavor to enhance its corporate brand value through appropriate disclosure of information to stakeholders and active public relations and CSR activities.

(2) Expansion of the user base and strengthening of user engagement

The COLOPL Group recognizes that increasing the Group's name recognition, continuously acquiring new users, and increasing the number of users over time are essential to the continuous growth of the COLOPL Group. To that end, we will endeavor to increase the number of users by boosting the COLOPL Group's name recognition through effective advertising activities and other means and by developing a wide variety of content and actively implementing measures to promote use of the Group's services by greater numbers of users.
In addition, we will continue to identify the needs of existing users and provide them with high-quality games, strengthen user engagement through dialogue with users through a variety of media, and work to ensure that users enjoy our content for longer periods of time.

(3) Portfolio expansion

The COLOPL Group has adopted a business strategy of implementing portfolio strategies that combine businesses targeting different users and constantly investing in new business areas.
To accomplish our business vision of continuing to create new entertainment accepted by large numbers of users, now and in the future, we will endeavor to expand our portfolios through appropriate resource allocation and diversified investment in content, regions, and devices rather than provide only individual hit titles .

(4) Ensuring services safety and soundness

Since some of the service provided by the COLOPL Group makes it possible for users to communicate with each other, it is necessary to ensure user safety and site soundness so that users are able to use the Group's services with peace of mind. The Group has prepared guidelines and strives to ensure the safety and soundness of services and will continue to do so in the future.

(5) Stable operation of systems

The COLOPL Group's applications and platforms are operated on the World Wide Web, and the Group recognizes that provision of services to users in a pleasant and comfortable environment requires stable systems operation and timely solutions to any problems that may occur.
For this reason, the Group endeavors to secure the personnel necessary for the stable operation of systems and to expand and upgrade its server equipment.

(6) Services for overseas markets

The COLOPL Group plans to take advantage of the characteristics of smartphones and continue to actively offer the Group's services overseas. The Group will identify user preferences in each region and develop and provide unique services that take into consideration the user characteristics of each region in preparation for further overseas business expansion and profitability improvement.

(7) Response to new technology

The industry in which the COLOPL Group operates is characterized by incessant technological innovation. Smartphone and tablet penetration rates have increased in Japan and worldwide in recent years, and related markets are expanding as well. The COLOPL Group recognizes that continuous business expansion in this business environment requires a timely response to various new technologies and will continuously respond to technological change.

(8) Strengthening of internal control systems

The COLOPL Group expects further business expansion in the years ahead. For this reason, the Group will undertake to strengthen group-wide internal control systems commensurate with future business expansion.

(9) Ensuring organizational agility

A hallmark of the entertainment industry, the COLOPL Group's business domain, is a more rapid pace of environmental change than other industries, and it is essential to promptly respond to such change. To eliminate adverse effects of organizational expansion, such as a decline in organizational agility, the Group will seek to ensure agility in decision-making by optimizing personnel assignments and instituting an organizational structure adapted to its business development.

(10) Securing and developing talented personnel

The COLOPL Group anticipates further business expansion and recognizes that securing and developing personnel to keep pace with the growth rate is an important task. The Group will strengthen its recruiting and training activities in order to secure talented people who resonate with the Group's vision and develop personnel to support continuous growth.