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Management Policy

Management Policy

Medium- to long-term strategies

By combining a multiplicity of portfolio strategies, COLOPL aims to achieve stable, continuous growth with little fluctuation in business performance. In the domestic mobile game market, we will maintain our competitive advantage in the industry by continuing to offer multiple high-quality games each year. In particular, from now on we will seek to offer wide-ranging genre including meticulously created games that will appeal to core game fans as alternatives to console games and sports games that will appeal not only to young people, but even to middle-aged and older people who previously enjoyed games. Although we can secure sufficient numbers of development and operation personnel to accomplish this by recruiting new graduates and mid-career hires, we will also actively pursue mergers and acquisitions targeting mid-sized game developers in order to realize a higher level of business expansion.

In overseas markets, we will pursue gradual, steady global expansion by selecting the distribution method considered optimal for each region: distributing on our own or working with overseas local distribution partners. We plan to gradually expand our business network worldwide. At the same time, we will strengthen our structure for overseas marketing and overseas development. We will reduce to the extent possible the time lag between domestic and overseas releases of applications. Eventually, we intend to build a more elaborate regional portfolio strategy by developing and offering region-specific applications taking into account regional differences in user characteristics.

The final portfolio strategy concerns devices. We are currently conducting a variety of development experiments centered on the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) terminal for developers from Oculus, a subsidiary of Facebook. We have launched a dedicated VR team and released a VR version of White Cat Project. In 2016 and beyond, a number of companies plan to introduce various VR terminals for sale on the market. One investment bank estimates that VR and augmented reality (AR) combined will develop into a market worth US$150 billion. Although we look for the smartphone market to continue to expand, with a view to future expansion of the VR market, which will offer a revolutionary user experience, we will steadily proceed with preparations to ensure that market growth leads to growth for COLOPL.