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Management Policy

Management Policy

Basic management policy

COLOPL Group's corporate philosophy is "Entertainment in Real Life -- making life more enjoyable and wonderful for people everywhere." To realize this philosophy, we have articulated the business vision "No matter the time, continue to create new entertainment accepted by large numbers of users, now and in the future."

In this vision, the Company Group declares that entertainment is the linchpin of the COLOPL Group's business and expresses the freshness of our ideas and our technological innovation ("new entertainment"), local expansion on a global scale and the diversity of the entertainment we provide ("accepted by large numbers of users"), and our corporate flexibility and sustainability ("now and in the future").

Portfolio Strategies

Portfolio strategies are business strategies that the Company has materialized on the basis of the vision discussed above. They are strategies to maximize risk-return by diversifying and optimally combining multiple factors such as services, regions, and resources. When the Company listed its shares in 2012, we articulated the content portfolio strategy. Whereas at that time many content developers pursued a strategy of providing a single hit title, COLOPL developed and provided multiple titles tailored to specific game themes and user attributes. Today, we are undertaking portfolio expansion in multiple directions in addition to content.

One example is the regional portfolio strategy. Since we began providing applications in the English-speaking world in 2012 as our first overseas venture, we have expanded our market coverage to Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macau, and the Chinese mainland and now provide multiple titles in overseas markets. Although overseas sales still account for a small proportion of total sales, they are steadily increasing, and we have one of the few companies in our industry with a profitable overseas business.

Another of our portfolio strategies is the device portfolio strategy. In 2008, when COLOPL was founded, we offered only a service for feature phones. However, in 2011, at a time when most companies in the industry were focusing on social games run on feature phones, we decided to change direction and enter the smartphone market, a move that provided the impetus for our current growth. Today, we are focusing attention on head-mounted displays (HMDs) that realize virtual reality, devices expected to have a bright future. We are endeavoring to mitigate the risk of change in the mainstream of devices and platforms and to link such change to opportunities for business expansion by promptly detecting emerging devices and platforms with growth potential and embracing them ahead of competitors.